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  3. Terms and Conditions of Application for the “Preferential Treatment Campaign for Foreign Visitors to Japan”.

Terms and Conditions of Application for the “Preferential Treatment Campaign for Foreign Visitors to Japan”.

Application Terms and Conditions

 Please read these Application Terms and Conditions carefully before applying for the preferential treatment in the “Preferential Treatment Campaign for Foreign Visitors to Japan” (hereinafter referred to as the “Campaign”), a measure planned and implemented by the “FUJI-YOUZAI Executive Committee” (hereinafter referred to as the “Committee”). By applying for this Campaign (hereinafter referred to as “Applicant”), you are deemed to have agreed to the following terms and conditions at the time of application. These Application Terms and Conditions constitute the agreement between the Applicant and the Committee regarding this Campaign.

1.Outline of this campaign

【Application Period】
In principle, the application period is from the announcement of this campaign to the start of the performance or the start of distribution.
※The application deadline may be set depending on the performance.

【Application Method】
 Please fill out the application form and click the “Send” button.

【Conditions of Application】 
Foreign nationals traveling to Japan are eligible.
※For notification purposes, the term “foreign nationals traveling to Japan” may be used for “foreign visitors to Japan.

【Applicability of this campaign】
In case of a large number of applicants, the number of applicants may be limited on a first-come, first-served basis.
Please refer to the notation at the time of notification.
We may also inform you of the deadline after you have applied.


【Notes on Application】
・Your application will be considered invalid in the following cases.
   1) In the case of applications by persons related to the Executive Committee of FUYU and persons related to this Campaign
   2) Any other violation of these Terms and Conditions by the applicant.
・Only one application per person will be accepted.
・Applicants are responsible for all communication charges associated with their application and inquiries for this campaign.
・Please note that some PCs, cell phones, smartphones, tablets, etc. may not be able to apply due to model, OS, browser, etc.
・Please be advised that the Committee will not be held responsible for any failure in the application process, information leakage, or other damages incurred by entrants or third parties due to maintenance or malfunction of services provided by Google, or malfunction of communication terminals used by entrants or services provided by communication carriers, unless such failure is intentional or negligent on the part of the Committee.

Submissions that fall into any of the following categories are prohibited. Submissions with any of the following will be considered invalid.
   1)Interfering with the operation of this campaign
   2)Violation of these Terms and Conditions
   3)Acts that cause annoyance, disadvantage, damage, or discomfort to others
   4)Defaming, disgracing or libeling another person or damaging his/her reputation or credibility
   5)Infringing the copyrights or other intellectual property rights of others
   6)Infringing the property, privacy, or portrait rights of others
   7)Provision of information, advertising, or solicitation for the purpose of profit
   8)Acts against public order and morals
   9)Violating the terms of use of the platform used for application or any other regulations
   10)Other acts that the Committee deems inappropriate

【Notes on ticket handling and distribution URLs】
・As a general rule, tickets will be handled at the reception desk.
・The distribution URL will be sent to the e-mail address you provide.
・If the e-mail address is incorrect or if you do not reply to an e-mail from the Committee, the campaign application will be invalidated.
・The right to apply for the campaign and tickets may not be transferred, exchanged for cash, or resold to a third party. Selling tickets at auctions, etc. is also prohibited.
・If it is found that an entrant has violated these Terms and Conditions after notification of campaign application, the campaign application may be invalidated.

【Changes to this campaign and these Terms and Conditions of Application, etc.】
・The Committee reserves the right to modify, suspend, discontinue or terminate the Campaign at any time without notice if it deems it necessary.
・The Committee may change these Application Terms and Conditions in the event that laws and regulations are amended, economic conditions change, it becomes necessary to change the contents of this Campaign, or the Committee deems it necessary to do so. In such cases, the Committee shall post on its official account or by any other appropriate means to publicize the changes to these Application Terms and Conditions and the content of the revised Application Terms and Conditions, and unless otherwise stated, such revised Application Terms and Conditions shall become effective as of the date of publication of the revised Application Terms and Conditions.

【Responsibilities of the Committee】
In the event that an applicant suffers any damage or loss in connection with the Committee’s actions under these Terms and Conditions or in connection with this Campaign, the Committee shall not be liable for any damages or any other liability, and the applicant shall not be entitled to make any claim or demand against the Committee, unless the Committee’s actions are willful or negligent. Except in the case of willful misconduct or gross negligence on the part of the Committee, the Committee’s liability for damages shall be limited to direct, ordinary, and actual damages.

The laws of Japan will apply to all matters related to this campaign and the Terms and Conditions. The Tokyo District Court will be the exclusive court of first instance for any disputes related to this campaign.


3.Handling of Personal Information

The Committee will use the personal information received from entrants only for the purpose of administering the campaign conducted by the Committee, such as drawing lots, notifying winners, sending gifts, replying to inquiries, and notifying of events, as well as for better planning and planning in the operation of the Committee. Personal information will not be provided to third parties without the consent of the entrant (except when disclosure is required by law), except to the extent necessary to outsource the operation of such campaigns.


4.Inquiries about this campaign

For inquiries, please contact: Contact the FuekiRyuko Executive Committee Inquiry Desk (info@fueki-ryuko.org) Depending on the nature of your inquiry, it may take a few days to respond to you.
We cannot respond to individual inquiries regarding the status of application acceptance, results of applicability, or shipments.


5.Notation of these Terms and Conditions

The text you are reading here has been translated from Japanese to English at DeepL. We apologize in advance if there are any parts that are difficult to understand, including cases where the notation is not localized. If you have any questions, please contact us at the above e-mail address.

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